Extreme aerial adrenaline. Few things get the adrenaline flowing like flying a high performance kite... And even more so if that kite has been built for maximum jumping potential. Send the Voltage for a jump and you'll know what we're talking about! Make no mistake; the Voltage is not your average powerkite. It is designed to be the most extreme and powerful fixed bridled foil yet in the Peter Lynn history. Designed with maximum boost, lift and airtime in mind, the Voltage lends itself perfectly for buggy and landboarding freestyle. Its got plenty of speed on tap and more than enough raw power to lift you and your buggy or board to new extremes. Do you think you're ready?

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Peter Lynn Voltage

  • Produsent: Peter Lynn
  • Varenummer: VMPL38
  • Tilgjeneglighet: På Lager
  • Kr 3 706,25

  • Uten MVA: Kr 2 965,00


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